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Data Collector Guide

The Data Collector is a set of endpoints that can make it easy to ingest data in real-time. This service consolidates how you track and send data to Orbee and makes it easy to take advantage of data enrichment, data connectivity, and many other services.


Regardless of which mediums you are trying to send data in, the basic model for using the Data Collector is as follows:

  1. Find the endpoint for your tracking medium. Learn more
  2. Send data to the endpoint as needed. Learn more

Once the data is sent to the specified endpoint, the data is queued for real-time enrichment and categorization.

About this guide

This guide will help you get started sending data to Orbee for common use-cases that apply across Orbee's Marketing Platform. Specifically, it illustrates:

  • endpoint configuration and parameters.
  • how to send event data.
  • how to debug and test using the collection endpoints.

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