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Automated Pools Architecture

Orbee's automated pools are able to automatically manage its set of call trackers. This reference covers how this is done.

Learn more about call trackers and their life cycle.


Learn how to get started with call-tracking.

How it works

Top Source/Mediums

An automated pool keeps track of a list of top source/mediums for your account. The amount of source/mediums depends on the pool's utilization.

The amount of source/mediums will be either the pool size * pool utilization (taking the floor) or our set minimum, whichever is higher.


We will only use source/mediums with over 100 visits, even if it is within the source/medium list limit.

1. Filling the Pool

The pool tracks how many call trackers it has. If the number of call trackers is below the pool size, it'll create call trackers to fill the pool.

All call trackers created here are in an "Available" status.

2. Flag Call Trackers

The pool keeps track of your account's top source/mediums. If any of the "Active" call trackers are tracking a source/medium that is no longer in the top list, it'll be marked as "Flagged".

Once flagged, the call tracker is put on a timeline. This is explained more below.

3. Unflag Call Trackers

If any of the "Flagged" call trackers have their source/mediums get back on the top source/mediums list, then the call trackers are taken off their timeline and set to "Active".

4. Activate Call Trackers

If there is a new source/medium on the list, and there is an "Available" call tracker, that call tracker will be assigned to the source/medium and set to "Active".

These "Active" call trackers are used for DNI and replace the corresponding pool phone number on your website.

5. Deactivate Call Trackers

If any of the "Flagged" call trackers meet all of the below requirements:

  1. their source/medium doesn't get back on the top source/medium list
  2. their timeline expires

the call tracker will be unassigned and set back to "Available".

6. Delete Call Trackers

In the case that the pool's size was updated to a size that is smaller than the current number of call trackers, the pool will delete any "Available" call trackers.

This may take a while if all call trackers are in an "Active" or "Flagged" state. If the pool is in this situation, based on the top source/medium list calculation, call trackers will eventually be set to "Available".