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This is a page to answer some common questions.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Dynamic Number Insertion, or DNI, is the process of replacing a displayed number with one that can track metrics (meaning calls still route to the original). By using DNI, you can track call lead counts for your traffic sources, giving you a metric to measure additional conversions.

What is a pool?

A pool is a managed group of call trackers. Based on the pool type, a pool will manage a call tracker's life cycle differently:

  • A manual pool's call tracker life cycle is only changed manually.
  • An automated pool's call tracker life cycle is dependent on factors such as pool size, utilization, source/mediums, and other call trackers in the pool.

Learn more about how automated pools manage call trackers.


We do not support standalone call trackers without a pool.

Which pool type should I use?

Our guide can help you determine which pool type is right for your use case.

If I change the size of my automated pool, what happens?

If my pool has no call trackers...

This will change nothing besides how many call trackers the pool will create later.

If my pool already has call trackers...

If the new size is smaller, there will be a decrease in tracked source/mediums.

After, if the number of active call trackers exceeds the number of source/mediums, some call trackers will be marked as "Flagged". Eventually, these will become "Available" if nothing else changes.

Last, the pool will delete "Available" call trackers until the total of call trackers in the pool meets the size specified.

If the new size is larger, the pool will create more call trackers until it is full and will try to activate them according to the new source/medium list size.

Learn more about the process here.

If I change the utilization of my automated pool, what happens?

Similar to the question about changing a pool's size above, a change in utilization will change the amount of source/mediums that are kept track of. This changes the number of active call trackers, flagging those not on the source/medium list.

The difference is that the utilization change won't delete any "Available" call trackers.

Learn more about the process here.

If I change the original number of my automated pool, what happens?

Any call trackers activated after the change will be assigned to the new number. Any already activated call trackers will retain the old original number.

Coming soon

We do not currently support reassigning active call trackers to an updated pool original number. Support is coming soon.

Can I delete a pool?

You cannot currently delete a pool. Support is coming soon.

Why is my automated pool not activating the correct number of call trackers?

The pool size * pool utilization calculation for top source/mediums is the max amount of source/mediums we will assign for the pool. However, if one of the following are true:

  • source/mediums found do not meet at least 100 visits
  • there are not enough available call trackers

then the pool will not assign call trackers.