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JavaScript SDK Developer Guide

The JavaScript SDK is a JavaScript library that allows you to connect dealership websites to Orbee's Marketing Cloud's services and products. This SDK consolidates tag management and makes it easy to benfit from the latest features and integrations as they become available.

The JavaScript SDK makes it easy to integrate Orbee's products and services by adding code to dealership websites. You can easily manage your tags and integrations through Orbee's Platform, without additional accounts or interfaces.


Regardless of which products, services, or integrations you want to use, the basic model for using the Web SDK is as follows:

  1. Add the global tag management snippet to every page on your dealership website and configure it to work with your Orbee Account. Learn more

  2. Use oa commands to configure the SDK, capture events and use different features of the SDK. Learn more

Once the snippet is installed, you can configure it to handle any setup you might need, all from the JavaScript SDK.

About this guide

This guide will help you get started using the JavaScript SDK for common use cases that apply across Orbee's Markeitng Platform. Specifically, it illustrates:

  • basic configuration for supported products and integrations.
  • how to send event data.

Next steps

  • Learn how to add and configure the JavaScript SDK snippet.
  • Learn more about the JavaScript SDK API.
  • Learn more about the JavaScript SDK architecture.