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Brand Extension

The brand extension allows you to print your brand to the browser console. This includes the version of the SDK, copyright, and more.


This extension can be enabled through Orbee's Platform. If you are manually controlling installation and setup, you can also fetch the plugin here:

<script async src="" />

This standalone installation sets up the extension's class on the window object, under window.OaBrandExtension. You can then extend your scope like this:

oa.getScope(YOUR_SCOPE).extend('brand', OaBrandExtension);


This extension requires no additional configuration at this time.


This extension has a variety of available attributes and functions to call.


This method prints the information to the browser console. This method is called on instantiation of the extension.


The extension generates no events.


This extension does not listen for any events in the SDK.


This extension does not depend on any other extensions.