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Tracking with the JavaScript SDK

The JavaScript SDK provides multiple ways to track interactions with your website. You can do this externally from the SDK or integrated with it. The JavaScript SDK also provides tracking solutions out-of-the-box for many standardized interactions in the browser, like clicks, time tracking, and forms.

Standard interactions

By default via Orbee's Platform, the JavaScript SDK provides a set of tracking capabilities to track the visits and pageviews of your visitors. It offers the following plugins and capabilities:

Plugin Capabilities
Activity tracking Track pageviews, time spent on page, and other general activity stats
Click tracking Track clicks in content and clickable elements.
Event-syncing Track between frames and pages and sync activity from IFrames to your main site visitors.
Form tracking Track form interactions, abandonment, and completion.

Custom Interactions

If you want to track custom events you have a few options, depending on how integrated into the Web SDK you'd like to get.

The track command

Using the track command, you can send data directly to Orbee:


These events are sent to Orbee's backend, interpreted, and processed into reporting data. This feature has you integrated into Orbee's JavaScript SDK, so your data will have full access to all of Orbee's products and services.


For older versions using the Web SDK, this command used to be the hook command:

orb('hook', hook_label, event_spec_object);

Using this feature allows you to push data to Orbee; however, it does not let you take advantage of Orbee's products and services -- it's a completely decoupled approach.