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Upgrading from the Web SDK

This new SDK is a fundamental shift for Orbee's customers. However, we are working on removing as much disruption from the mirgation process as possible.

You should check out this entire guide if you are technical and integrate directly with our Web SDK currently. If you are a new customer using our latest JavaScript SDK, then there is no need to migrate from our old Web SDK.

Step 1: install the new snippet

Just replace the old snippet with the new one. No other changes necessary. The SCRIPT_TOKEN and API_TOKEN are interchangeable.

<script async src=""></script>
<script>;(function(w,d,n){w.orbObject=w.orbObject||n;if(!w[n]){w[n]=function(){return (w[n].q=w[n].q||[]).push(arguments)};w[n].q=w[n].q||[];}}(window,document,"orb"));</script>
<script async src=""></script>
<script>!function(t){var e=t.oa||{_q:[],_sq:{}};function n(){return this._q=[],this}for(var o=["add","append","clearAll","set","setOnce","unset","remove"],r=0;r<o.length;r++)!function(t,e){t.prototype[e]=function(){return this._q.push([e].concat(,0))),this}}(n,o[r]);e.Association=n;var c=["configure","track","extend","require","setOptOut","onInit","associate"];function s(e){for(var t=0;t<c.length;t++)!function(t){e[t]=function(){e._q.push([t].concat(,0)))}}(c[t])}s(e),e.getScope=function(t){return t=(t&&0!==t.length?t:"$default_scope").toLowerCase(),,t)||(e._sq[t]={_q:[]},s(e._sq[t])),e._sq[t]},t.oa=e}(window);</script>

Step 2: install any other extensions you also have installed separately

If you use our Property Selector, you'll want to install the new version as well, replacing the old script.

Step 3: check out Orbee's Event Explorer

coming soon

This is a new tool so you can experience all the things Orbee tracks on your website.

If you are a customer using our managed solution, you'll notice many events already firing, such as pageviews, vehicle views, link clicks and form submits. This was automatically set up for you by Orbee's Platform. If you fire your own events, you will see those populate in the explorer.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Orbee's managed extensions, check them out here.