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Configure products and send data

You can use oa commands anywhere on your page after the snippet is installed. There are two main commands that you should use initially: configure to configure properties, and track to send data.

Initialize products with configure

Use the configure command to initialize and configure settings for a particular account. The config command takes the following format:

oa.configure('<api token>', null, null, (scope) => {...});

where <api token> is the Token of the script which belongs to your account. The second and third parameters can be explored later; the last parameter is an optional callback once the full SDK is loaded.

The most basic example consists is just the configure command, with an api_token:



When using the entire snippet, the tms.js file will automatically configure your api token for you. The above configure command is best used yourself to:

  • optimize network usage when using many api tokens.
  • to override server-side configuration.
  • to test out a development api token.

Send data with track

The track command is the easiest way to send event data. An event is just a string, with optional key/vals added for context. For example, you can use the track command to send a view video event:

oa.track("view video");


To open Orbee's JavaScript SDK Debugger, you can update your configure with the following additional configuration:

oa.configure('api_token', null, {debug: true});

You can also trigger this after initialization with the following command: