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Inventory Extension

The inventory extension enables events that track products viewed on your site. You can also ask it directly to fetch/lookup specific products.


This extension can be enabled through Orbee's Platform. If you are manually controlling installation and setup, you can also fetch the plugin here:

<script async src="" />

This standalone installation sets up the extension's class on the window object, under window.OaInventoryExtension. You can then extend your scope like this:

oa.getScope(YOUR_SCOPE).extend('inventory', OaInventoryExtension);


This extension requires the following parameters:


This should be the account token (UUID) for your account.

no default value


This should be the size of the inventory's local cache of products. This should be kept relatively small to reserve space on the browser.

This configured cache-size is specific to storing commonly shared vehicles across pages, like going from an inventory page to a product page, that would share the same product on both pages.

Any product fetched by this product is stored in memory while the pageview is active; so we never fetch a product more than once per pageview.

default: 10


This can be a string regex to detect the path for which you display search results for inventory on your site.

default: '/all-vehicles'


This can be a string regex to detect the path for which you display product details on your site.

default: '/inventory/(\w+-)*(\w{17})'


This can be a string regex to detect product IDs on your web pages.

default: '[vV][Ii][Nn]:?\s*(\w{17})'


This extension has a variety of available attributes and functions to call.


This is an object you can use to fetch product details from Orbee's Marketing Cloud.

inventory.getProductDetails(lookup, cb)

This function requests the details of the product with the given lookup. You can optionally provide a callback once the SDK has retrieved the data


This is one of the following: 'inventory' (search page), 'product' (product details page), or 'other'.


This function takes a callback that will provide you an object of products detected on the current page.


The extension generates the following events:

Inventory/Product Page Viewed

oa.track('{{pageType}} viewed', {
    url: "",
    product_ids: ['list', 'of', 'detected', 'product', 'ids'],

This event does not fire if the pageType is 'other'.


This extension does not listen for any events in the SDK.


This extension does not depend on any other extensions.